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Going to DC

So the latest from the keys. Last night I edited Killer Commute for about four hours. For the first time I copied and pasted the novel into one file. I've done a spell check, and I know I need to read through the whole thing. 320 something pages. The novel is by far the best novel I've written. Acid Tree Park was filled with a few chapters that could have been edited out, and discussing editing - it was obvious after others read the book and from their comments, it needed a professional or at least my friend DZ who has incredible insight and expertise. Last week I received the following email:

Dear Mike, Thank you for your interest in the Five Star Mystery program. I'm attaching a brief outline of the terms of our program, along with the Five Star Author’s Handbook for your review. I am also attaching a Trademark Reference Sheet from Five Star for your review and an “Author Tip-Sheet” (required by Five Star) for you to fill out and return with your manuscript. After …

Latest submission - well a response at least

Here is a rule - check the writer's guidelines more carefully. Considering I had the time, I sent querry's to many publishers, and I'm sure I should not have. Don't waste their time unless your works meets their standards.

Under its AVALON BOOKS imprint, Thomas Bouregy & Co., Inc., publishes hardcover secular romances, mysteries, and westerns for the library market. Our books are wholesome adult fiction, suitable for family reading. There is no graphic or premarital sex or sexual tension in any of our novels; kisses and embraces are as far as our characters go. It is the author’s responsibility to heighten the romantic atmosphere by developing love scenes with tenderness, emotion, and perception. The heroines of our romances should be looking forward to marriage at the end of the book. There is never any profanity in any of our books.

Dear Editors, I checked the writer's guidelines more carefully. There is no sexual content in the novel and wholesome throughout, …

New Year and a new ritual

So that's me about to jump into the water at Cedar Beach. Newsday was there, since the monks organized a dip at 10 AM, but I was getting anxious to complete the goal. So, Ali and I drove down and got there around 9:30, and I pulled of my sweat pants and took off my shoes and stood on the beach as Ali took a couple of pictures. Why? Each year see those freaks jumping in, and was motivated by insanity and the memory of watching my uncle Pat break through the ice at a each in Fort Salonga, and wait there for him to jump in and climb out. To you uncle PAT! It was insane, and WINDY - freezing, and my feet suffered. It took an hour or so for them to thaw out. Lesson for next year - wear sneakers or anything since the sand and the small rocks and shells are frozen solid. Since it was low tide - there was a long walk to the water. So, how deep did you go? Not that you can see it from the picture, but up to my thighs. Next year, a little deeper!
Goals - to write at least 15 m…