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Thoughts While Commuting To Work

Thoughts While Commuting To Work
Michael Robert Gordon

Is the media distorting the news? Are we getting all the facts on the stimulus? Maybe the media assumes we would be swayed by the panic? Another depression? I’m writing this while commuting on the train to work. Passing the same parks and streets, seeing the same faces in their same seats, we’re sort of like machines moving in our commuter’s syncopation. But we’re all here. Perhaps the economy in New York is not the same as the rest of the country, but we’re reminded we should all be afraid. Be afraid – very afraid for the wind is changing direction.
It’s tough for me to write about this. I have my job and for the most part speak to the same clients and new prospects each week. Our company is doing well. When I’m on the train I’ve been struggling with these deliberations. What good can come out of this current mess? Were we ignorant to think there was no such thing as a looming bursting of the hou…

It's the second day in the second month of the year

This past weekend I submitted stories to three publishers. By Sunday, I received a formal rejection and will put this story into the pending file. There are going to be some stories that I’m not confident about. Either the plot is different from what I’m used to, or there is an element that is lacking. The element that is lacking can range from character development. Thinking of Andre Dubos, what a writer to learn the craft of character development, and this is someone I need to go back to. Someone I’ve told myself I needed to go back to for a little over eight years, so after Audacity of Hope – I will read some Andre. But, what about the plot? In this example I’m considering POS, the Sci Fi story that is not really a Sci Fi story. Written by a writer who doesn’t know that much about science; so let me think about this…if I never swam before, can I really describe the sensation? Maybe that’s not a great comparison, since most of these writers never or will never live in the future. I …