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In a winter storm during rush hour

It’s snowing. I was the only person on the platform in Huntington. Sitting in the train, while a man smokes a cigarette outside the open door, the smoke drifts in with the cool air and I take it all into the back of my throat. Today, the MTA is testing their new snow policy. If we get hit with more than 10 inches, the trains will stop running. They plan on running the regular schedule this morning and later adding trains in the early afternoon commute back home. The intention is to shut down the system later, when the largest accumulation will occur and commuters are abandoned on icy platforms. My goal is to get into New Hyde Park and get a free lunch and put in a few hours of work. Yesterday, the panic was settling in. Schools began closing in anticipation for today’s storm, but here’s what I understand, the monster of the mess is happening later. So, why not keep the schools open and let the tikes trudge through the ice and melting snow and prove to themselves, nothing is …