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Memorial Day USS New York made me proud

Back on the train on a Tuesday morning and I’m feeling beat. I went for a run this morning which transitioned into a morning walk. I have to get into my head to eat lightly the night before. I feel the mass of digested food pushing down inside my kidneys. With the humidity the only break from the run is a good walk, but this morning there were so many breaks…so lesson, eat less the night before or go the bathroom before the run, I would be lighter and able to maintain some semblance of speed.
Yesterday was Memorial Day. Instead of sleeping in we woke up early in the morning. It was raining when we left a house, a passing storm the weather experts predicted and were correct. Joe my father-in-law drove us, who included my son Joe and daughters Emma, and Isabella into Staten Island to see the USS New York and other Navy ships. It used to be a tradition to ride into Staten Island where as Joe my father-in-law explained there are smaller crowds compared to Manhattan. In fact one y…

Henry Rollins - Bang - a review

I wanted something quick to read so last night I began Henry Rollins Bang. Like I said I said it was a quick read, and most can finish it within a couple of hours. This morning I sat in the kitchen and wrapped it up. The last part of the book has what I would describe as haiku's. 1,000 little hits which were roughly a couple of lines, and perhaps five words…would I recommend it? There were a couple of strong hits, and the opening Knife Street was a slow violent ride. For Rollins fans, who might have read some of his earlier books, you can skip this. General themes, rape, murder, and misogynist angst.

On a side note, I saw a "documentary" on Black Flag's last tour. Generally it's a behind the scenes look at the minds of young men. No real insight. I couldn't tell if there was any animosity between the members of Black Flag. The most unsettling scene was when Joe Cole is laying in front of a headstone with Cole on it. He's actually talking about being d…

Back in the grind

Back in the grind, last week was a full one in the office and this week appears the same. So what’s good about it? I get back to a certain routine, which is an oxymoron for a man with four children. But I’m on the train and this means I have time to write and read. I’m struggling with Celine, not so much for the writing which is poetic and forceful, I admire it, but its content is dark.
Tomorrow is Election Day for the district and many on Long Island. My wife is running for school board. If you live in the district, please consider her, she’s by far the best candidate and the most beautiful of the lot. Yesterday we hung a sign I painted. The posts are flimsy and I’m afraid the first good wind it encounters will knock it down. My project later is getting it back up. I can see us in the light rain with a better hammer. Last night I had a small axe, while trying to ram the post in the ground the axe slipped and nearly lodge itself into the cavity of my chest. She pulled up …