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Running the New York Half Marathon in Flushing Meadows Park

3/25/12 22:54 Malvern PA

What was it like to run a half marathon? It was my first. Considering the weather was cool yesterday morning, no rain, and the course was essentially flat. I finished the run just under two hours. It’s hard to believe I finished, but even more, I ran without stopping for a bathroom break or to relieve a strained muscle. Starting at 0900, the plan was for a slow start. The race was open to 5,000. It took a few minutes to pass the start. Passed slower runners, walkers bull shitting with their friends on a stroll through the park, get off the course! Run you bastards. After the second mile – open it up until I felt comfortable. This meant running past other joggers and getting beat by even more joggers. This kid came by with a knap sack, wearing heavy jogging shoes, easily galloped to the finished line. Another man came out of the clear blue and took me, but when I saw this woman who wore the new fangled running shoes that look like feet, when she took me I picked…

A Mid Life Crisis that slips towards darkness

. I ran ten point seven miles today and thought I broke the eleven mile mark, but no. It’s amazing how close I was to ten point six from two weeks ago. I’m feeling beat. I can’t imagine how I will accomplish 13.1 on Saturday but with some coffee and will power I can do it. It was so warm today I ran without a shirt on. My back is feeling a little tender from the sun. Midlife crisis, I looked at the CD’s I bought and most are punk bands from the eighties. I remember Ron Phillips and his collection which I’m slowly putting together. The Germs record I lent to some kid back in the late eighties that I’d like to get back, maybe this is my Rose Bud moment? The collection consists of albums I’d never purchase before for instance Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and The Misfits. I know more about Black Sabbath, but the Misfits have always been a mystery to me. Margo Scwardon had a rare 45 of The Misfits back in 1884, the colors of the eyes were colored with magic marker. But the sens…

Henry Rollins hits Philadelphia...if you saw him last year save your money

Last night the one and only Henry Rollins marched onto a bare stage, with bright lights shining, he performed a spoken word performance at the Union Transfer in Philadelphia. The venue is new for Philly opening last September, what used to be a spaghetti manufacturing plant. The interior was rustic and spacious with dark wood, think an wild west bar smacked in Philly. It was a sold out audience for one of the few East Coast stops on Rollins new tour, The Long March Tour. He came out wearing his typical black t-shirt, black Dickies pants and black boots. For most of the two plus hours he spoke, he kept in one area on the stage, the cord wrapped around his hand, sweat balls dripping off his left elbow, though he did not take a drink of water, and cracked a smile now and then. It was my third time seeing Henry perform; I was curious how this new show would be. It began with perceived threats to the United States, as an example a lesson on Abraham Lincoln and his address b…

The Del Fuegos at the Bowery apologies for the delayed posting but here it is

2/24/12 21:00
Last night I met Chris Plaut and Mike Sweeney in the city, we had some burgers and beers at Gastsby’s on Spring Street. I guess I had too many of the Belgian blue label Charnay which has an alcohol content at 9%. We headed over to the Bowery to see The Del Fuegos. It’s the first tour in more than twenty years, only eleven dates so if you are a fan this is the only time to see them. It was my first time. One of my favorite albums to this day is The Longest Day, I lived and breathed each song but never got a chance to see them. There was a guilt which I'd share with you. I am friends with the Del Lord's drummer and I never was honest to say I signed with the Fuegos from Boston a little more than The Lords from NY City. There I said it. Still, I was dismayed by the small crowd at the Bowery and yet Dan Zane told us this was the biggest crowd they played to in New York. They played well together, seemed like the whole group were having a great time on the stage. They …