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Taking a break from Disney - discovering nature

My apologies for not posting anything in the past few weeks. 7/15/12 14:05 Orlando I can sit in this spot and write for days. In the distance thunder fades away. The kids are watching TV inside the house. I went for a run earlier and finished the book on Lincoln’s summer retreat - the soldier’s home. It was informative and proved how valuable this house was for Lincoln. To get away from the executive mansion, to walk among soldiers who were protecting him and his family, where the emancipation proclamation was revised and finalized. Lincoln inspires me, this book more than the others shared how he developed as a man, especially his faith which evolved as a cynical approach as a young man to a man of faith in his later years. It’s a contradiction to the other books I read, like Team of Rivals.….Last night was the highlight of the vacation for me. Nancy and Hugh reserved a sea turtle expedition at a nature preserve on the edge of Cape Kennedy. In the distance, I could s…