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Al Pacino's autograph before the storm seizes NYC

10/28/12 16:28 Home

I have my books prepared with the flashlights, the phones are charged, the tanks are full in both the minivan and my charger. We went to church this morning and there was the sense to replace the fear with the love of God. But there was a foreboding feeling of doom as I looked outside and saw the wind spray over the plants. It’s coming. It is bad. We are ready. Why all the gas in the vehicles? It’s not as if we are going to escape. We have enough water to put Poland Springs over this quarter, the investors have a savory smile on their lips, they can see the images - the survivors from this Frankenstorm, a Perfect Storm scenario which will strike land, will enjoy the tepid spring water from their plastic bottles. I am ready. The backyard has been cleared of any furniture, so has the deck – it is all clear. The projects I completed today should have been completed weeks ago, but with each passing weekend there have been events. Life led me to Atlanta and Pla…

Taking Ma to church to see Jimmy Carter in Plains GA

10/13/12 09:18 Atlanta I can’t remember the last time I took a trip which involved only my mother. The idea was building for over a year, ever since I drove my family down to Florida and we stopped in Plains to attend a Bible study with President Carter. Last year I wanted to take her, but with Ali’s diagnosis, my attention was solely on my wife getting better and being more supportive with my children. Ma and I have read a few of his books. The first for me was Living Faith which I waited in line for hours to get my copy signed at Book Revue in Huntington. I was one of the first on line and learned soon enough, the line goes quickly, I was told by some veterans of his signings - you may get a nod, but there was no personalized copies and none would be signed Jimmy Carter…only a J carter. Keep the line moving. I wish I had more time and since then there was some more signings, but with each signing the meeting was brief. Once he shook my hand. When we came home from Florid…

Running in Philadelphia encourages the soul

Running in Philadelphia I get to see the people sleeping on the sides of the train tracks, the man who looked like a black Jesus who ate a sandwich he found. He waved at me but I ignored him. On the way back his clear eyes met mine and I said hey…hey…keep on running. Keep on hiding on abandoned mattress you keep in the grass. Her head was covered by a red hoodie appeared like a solemn monk possessing a chalice of wine but it was something else that caught the attention of a man who leaned in close. Other joggers were running the opposite way. I was the late solo on the street who wanted to go as far as possible before turning around. Up the steps to the museum I glanced back at the grey clouds covering the tips of the buildings, their workers shrouded in the mist and far up from the street. Around the building I could feel the pains in my legs but pushed further. I was not stopping especially when a group of young women - cross country runners - were there. No…impress the…