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What you would not want to happen if you play Jesus in church

3/24/13 22:02 Home
Thoughts of portraying Jesus in church – greeted by the congregation Hosana.  Waving and standing in the center.  Where was Ali when I needed her, home taking care of Bella who has a cough.  There I was, front and center, the costume was made for a shorter man, so my knees showed and even Reverend Diane snickered when she first saw me in the vestibule.  I knew I was in trouble.  But it was worse I had to take off my sneakers.  Thank God I clipped my toe nails last week. But the nail on the left big toe is hideous after so much abuse from the basketball games.  And there is the tattoo on my left calf and my scar when I burned my right leg and had a skin graft.  There were hoots and whistles I lifted the fabric a little higher and laughter erupted.  This is entertainment at it's worst.  But what was the most distracting for me and for those looking closely at my acting - the fabric molded a curious tent right above my crotch.  In front of everyone... the holy of ho…

Richard Hell Doesn't Like Punk?

3/16/13 10:18 Home
Richard Hell autobiography has been published, I Dreamed I Was A Very Clean Tramp which is on Harper Collins.  He was in Huntington's Book Revue for a signing.  Arriving about twenty minutes early last night I was dismayed by sparse audience.  There may have been six of us.  The others were older than me, discussing their children in their twenties, divorces and lives they’re living outside of the book store.  One man had a Long Island Duck’s jacket and brought an album to get signed.  You like punk?  Maybe you need a little background of the man?  Richard Hell was a staple in the New York punk scene in the late seventies to the early eighties.  He has the reputation of being the person to influence the punk fashion style of the Sex Pistols.  He was in Television, The Heartbreakers (Not Tom Petty’s band) and Richard Hell and the Voidoids.  His story is different, running away from private school in Delaware, getting arre…

The Who and Elvis Costello play for charity at MSG theatre

3/01/13 10:13 Home
I took the day off since I knew I would not be in the right frame of mind to drag my ass out of bed and make it into work.  On a few hours of sleep, I was up early anyway.  I can use more rest but want to share some highlights from last night.  It was the first time in years I hung out with Jim Marcino.   There was a period in our lives when I’d consider him a close friend, but with his marriage and both of us having children, we drifted apart.  Please cue in the violins.  Jim and I saw The Who at the garden back in 2002.  It was one of their first shows after their incredible and historic performance they had at the 9/11 concert months before.  The energy in the garden that night was heightened to a peak that is tough to repeat.  In the past Jim and I have seen Ringo Starr’s All Star Band as well as the Old 97’s, but music and sports are stables of our conversations.  Hanging out with him last night brought back warm memories of why I like and respect him for the ma…