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The Del Lords ride into NYC on a summer storm after 23 years

6/29/13 15:50
I checked the Del Lords site and saw…drum roll please by the drum master…Frank Funaro…The Del Lords were playing Thursday at Bowery Electric, their first NYC appearance in 23 years.  To be fair the band played a couple of years back in the city at the now closed historic Lakeside Club, but that night the band played under the thin veil as rumors swirled… The Elvis Club.  That show and another at a house party in Rhode Island was a prelude for a summer/ Spanish tour back in 2010.  I bought my ticket for Bowery Electric and you know the deal, who wants to go email was sent out to the likely candidates, can’t do it, not permitted, hosting a training session…hold everything; it’s The Del Lords in New York city, it’s like July 1984 came swirling in with the rains and humidity and like a blast of the past.  After getting a veggie sandwich and a homemade lemonade from the vendor, I headed over to the club and went down stairs.  The place was packed, but I saw Frank setting up an…

It was the first and last time We Were Promised Jetpacks played at Maxwells

6/16/13 19:09 Home

On Friday night Amanda said the band responded to her and she and one guest were on their guest list at Maxwells.  I have to give her credit, she is persistent.  I am feeling the pain of a long night, sitting in the room half awake and sore from playing three hours of basketball with the guys from work yesterday morning.  What time do they go on? I asked.  She checked – the doors open at 10 PM.  What?  Yeah, there is another band playing there at 7 PM.  We left the house at 6:45. I figured we’d get to Hoboken, get something to eat and walk around the city before we went inside.  I don’t like tunnels, as some may know, but the traffic was light as we drove under the East and Hudson rivers.  I am getting used tunnels and don’t avoid them like I used to.   In Hoboken, I bought some cheap Jersey gas and parked the car and we walked to Maxwells.  Hoboken has some beautiful brownstones, young families walking with strollers and little kids who were cheerful on their scoote…

Driving in the rain to see We Were Promised Jetpacks at The Stone Pony 6/13/13

I heard the weather was not as bad as expected, the flooding would be minimal.  Still, through the rains and at times pounding and torrential... Amanda and I made it safely to Asbury Park, NJ in good time from Port Jefferson.  We paid for parking on the street and walked inside.  The Stony Pony has a large stage, a sound man on the right and the engineer – in the back of the room - moving the controls.   It was packed with fans that watched and danced to the first band, The Static Jacks who were very good, their lead singers dancing reminded me a little of Morrissey.  Amanda saw Sean the bassist hanging out at the bar and she asked someone to take a picture of them.  Both of us are getting to know We Were Promised Jetpacks a little more.  I’d say.  This was the first time she met the whole band since Adam and Mike were close by with beers in hand and I took her picture with them.  The whole band is very nice. They are not what I’d expect from young rock stars, they don’t get drunk or …