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You can't go back so keep moving forward

12/31/13 3:29 PM Home
I know it’s been some time since I posted anything substantial.  Last year, there were more posts, but there were more concerts and this blog for the most part has been a running review of my concerts.  Recently, I went through some of my old things and I found ticket stubs when I saw Bad Brains (1989) Butthole Surfers (91), Fleshtones (86) and numerous games.  One ticket stands out for me was seeing The Who at Shea  Stadium, the price for the ticket was…$16.00.  It was more than thirty years ago (82)   Come to think of it my high school reunion is next year.  Maybe I will attend and see how we aged and how we use Facebook to keep tabs on those we are curious about.  I still collect the tickets, but I have curtailed on the concerts.  Paying for Amanda to attend college is a huge expense and living like a teenager when you’re past 45…well it gets old.  Not to suggest I’m waving off the concerts.  Next year I plan on seeing Cracker in NYC at the Highline Ballroom an…