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The Feelies play a rare gig on Long Island

Sunday 4/27/14 19:29
Mike Sweeney a friend from work has told me for years how he loved The Feelies.  Have you ever heard of them?  Of course, but I couldn’t tell you a Feelies song since none of their albums or singles sold very well.  This was a band which influenced other artists, like REM and Sonic Youth.  Mike asked, so many years ago, ever seen them?  No.  And it was a shame since they broke up for move than fifteen years.  But back in 2009, I saw them play an REM cover (Carnival of Sorts) at the Carnegie Hall show which consisted of various bands and artists covering REM songs.  To this date it was the last time REM played together.  It was also one of the first reunion shows for The Feelies.  The band has the reputation of playing infrequently.  The last time I heard they were in the area was last summer when they played the final sold out shows at the now defunct Hoboken landmark; Maxwells.   A few weeks ago, I found out The Feelies were playing at the WestHampton theater.  C…

New Day Rising

Easter 2014 17:32

This morning Ali and I woke up fairly early for a Sunday, say about 5:15, put on our clothes and headed out to Cedar Beach to attend Easter sunrise service.  When we approached I was surprised by the number of cars which were parked neatly in rows, which is a common sight for the summer at the beach, but assuming as I did; there will not be many of us, I was pleasantly surprised.  Reverend Diane and the other minister from another local church greeted us and turned to watch the sun cast its gentle light on the morning water.  The sky was glowing.  The service began.  We sang Cat Stevens or as he is known today, Yusuf Islam, Morning has broken.  Jeff had his acoustic guitar and Jamie from the choir led the small crowd which sang in broken harmonies in the early morning winds…we have begun.  A new day is here.  A call for us to transform from our darkness like Jesus did, bringing us life everlasting.  And I prayed for Amanda up in Boston, since this is the day before th…

Is Roger McGuinn an exceptional musician, an American treasure...or a paranoid celebrity?

4/12/14 20:33 Home
On Thursday night I drove to Bay Shore from Port Jefferson.  I’m at the end of my rope with my GPS which I bought a few years ago.  It has the annoying tendency to bring me though all sorts of side roads and through every street light which just happens to have ability to sprint to red when I approach.  On a rare occasion I don’t mind the scenic view.  I get to see small hamlets in Pennsylvania where I travel for work, and if I have the time - I truly appreciate the faded architecture, quaint towns with empty benches on deserted sidewalks, stoic tree lined Main Street... but the GPS gives and takes.  It does not filter.  I have been in places where share panic creeps up and I pray to God to let the lights turn to green and please keep the car running.  Don't stop!  The GPS was up to some old tricks on my journey to the Bolton Center.  The good news I made it on time for the Roger McGuinn show.  I can’t complain, and on the way back home I let my sense of directio…

Sharing Garden: an organic garden, in which all of the crops will be donated to a local food pantry

4/6/14 20:40 Home

Today, I read in front of the church, I do this about once a month which gives me the opportunity to sharpen my public speaking.  Today’s reading what a bit of a challenge Ezekiel Chapter 37 verses 1 through 14 which is long and starts with the title, The Valley of Dry Bones. The prophetic message was…well…sort of disturbing and sure - it is also hopeful.  From bones comes the flesh and with the flesh...breath.  I started with a brief introduction to the prophet, putting him in the company of Isiah and Jerimiah.  I’m not writing about the reading, although I will have to share with you as I walked back to our pew I saw Bella who gave me a thumb’s up. This is the same child who earlier - did not want to scoot into the pew to give me room to sit. She defiantly said; she didn’t want to move - she liked her seat - she had a better view of our handsome new music minister, a young man from Stony Brook University.

I want to keep a record of the organic garden we have at our c…