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Clinton Kelly, Comsewogue alum gives an incredible speech to graduating class of 2014

6/30/14 17:21
Yesterday my wife and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  The event came at a time when Emma Tess our second oldest just graduated high school.  The graduation and party held our attention for the past few weeks.  Saturday we had a large rented tent in the back yard.  Family and friends from the neighborhood and schools joined us at the house in the celebration for Emma Tess.  Two years prior it was Amanda’s graduation. Yet Emma’s was different.  Her class was different; they were supportive of one another which were the general theme in many of the speeches.  I have to believe it.  I watched the class jesters and others participate in tossing beach balls, tennis balls until they were confiscated by security who were begging them to give up their toys; the antics were an entertaining break from the sincere speeches, but how many can honestly state; I didn’t prepare anything.  They didn’t need anything or so they thought.  A ball is smacked.  Young men and woman su…

Flying back from San Diego in the night and I can see lightning in the distance!

6/22/14 23:00
Taking the red eye back from San Diego was supposed to be fairly easy.  On the way to the airport I saw a flight attendant and asked her, what’s it like there?  She thought I meant Dallas, where she comes from.  No, I meant, what’s it like 35,000 feet above this glorious country of ours.  She looked at me like I had two heads.  I have to admit, the in-flight turbulence is not making my flying experiences any better.  I know what you’re thinking (it’s safe up there) but let me explain what happened.  In this blog I wrote about flying back from Tampa a few years ago when I made a connection.  The flight had so much turbulence, the pilot asked the flight attendants to stay seated for their safety.  That flight wrecked my nerves so since then, I have not been the smooth operator, passenger.  Let me share this.  I was in San Diego for a trade show. One of my colleagues tells me when she flew to New York the President was landing at JFK and all the incoming traffic was diverted…

A review of Henry Rollins' Before the Chop

6/14/14 08:38
“I write this to you because at this moment, this is the entire world and everything I know.”  Henry Rollins 2/2/12 Antwerp Belgium
This morning I finished Henry Rollins’ Before the Chop, LA Weekly Articles 2011-2012.  It is published on his press 2.13.61.  Last year, I bought a signed copy from his web site,   Signed copies are still available, unlike his new book which sold out quickly of the limited edition (1,500) signed and numbered.  A Grim Detail.  Before the Chop consists of the original versions of articles which were published in LA Weekly.  The weekly is the ubiquitous undergound LA publication and the editors made edits (chops) and shortened the originals; which makes this book a mandatory for his die-hard readers.  The work captures Rollins at his rawest and shares the insights of his recent world travels, in cities and an venues as well as his ever changing moods. Don't take that the wrong way.  Let me clarify this by saying Mr. R…

Relay for Life in the NIGHT Port Jefferson Station

6/7/14 08:57
I woke up before 0600 and have accomplished nothing substantial.  The TV is on.  Bella is awake.  I administered her medicine which is a daily routine for us.  Every 12 hours she receives her 7.5 mg…last night she reminded me she needed her medicine.  I poured out her med in a small measuring cup, and pulled up the 7.5 mg in a syringe.   We left the event together.  Just the two of us.  She was unhappy that we left the Relay for Life rally before her friends and she said she does not like to feel different.  I tried to tell her no one can make her feel different, she has the power to change these thoughts, but having epilepsy can feel like you are ruled by the disease.  I respected her since she said, no one made her feel different –it was her.  She has incredible strength.  Overall we are very grateful.   She has not had an episode for over a year.   Yet, last night when she slept next to me I felt her body shaking and I thought the shakes were convulsions?  I don’t think…