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Driving to DC to see Rollins at the Smithsonian

10/15/14 03:40 Rockville, Maryland
For some reason I can’t sleep so I write.  I drove down here yesterday to see Henry Rollins at the Smithsonian.  I respect him for his work ethic as well as social justice stands.   I wrote a few blog entries about Rollins, from reviewing some of his books as well as his spoken word performances.  This year, he has made infrequent public appearances.  It seemed a Rollins show was an annual event, but he’s busy working on his show for National Geographic as well as he described, “Hollywood stuff.”   Last night event was titled, Henry Rollins on the DC Punk Scene.  It was the closest Rollins event which I could make, so I bought my ticket weeks ago and knowing the event would be a sellout.  Who else would drive more than five hours from Long island and take a subway into a humid October night?
I used my Marriott points and rented a car since my beast has more than 160,000 and I was not risking the drive.  Packed my things, brought some books and CD cove…