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50 Year Old Starts a New Job

1/22/16 08:52 on the train to NYC
I’m taking the train into the city to meet with a prospective client.  There are others around me on the peak train out of Ronkonkoma.  It’s my first sales meeting in the city…ever.  I started a new job this year. If you work in sales you might be thinking, so what.  We move around.  It’s something we need to do, we move on to bigger and better opportunities.  But I worked for the same company for twenty years and starting a new job is daunting.  There are new services to learn, new managers, different personalities, new office politics, well thank God I work from home. 
More than twenty years ago, during my interview at World Courier, I said I was looking for a company to commit to and I wanted that company to commit to me.  I made an impression, and I was serious, this wasn’t some kind of interview pitch.  I had an infant at home, rent and expenses and money was tight.  I could tell I made an impression when the President at that time, John Wagner wa…