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Buried Child with Ed Harris and Amy Madigan

2/28/16 20:59 Home
Finding a good deal in New York City is not difficult.  It takes a little will power and luck.  Last night was one of those nights.  I bought two $25 tickets (partial view) for the Sam Shepherd play Buried Child which stars Ed Harris and Amy Madigan at the Signature Theater which is on West 42nd, we passed the follies and the tepid tourists who are searching for that ring.  That thing.  I saw a few pose for pictures with the waxed pope in front of Madame Toussaint’s museum.  Music played, hips swayed, ancient bodies scrapped their feet on the winter sidewalk.  Ali and I made our way through the crowd.  Through the neon light which reflected off glass and into our eyes and stained our clothes for an instant.  We had a parking coupon for $25 at a garage which was mere blocks away from the theatre, but they were full to capacity when we tried to get in.  The kid at the garage told us parking was free on the streets starting at 7 PM.  In nine minutes you can park on the …

Every 24 Hours

Heading into the city on a date with my wife

2/27/16 15:30 Home
In about a half hour, Ali and I are taking the kids (who are here…Amanda is in Boston) over to her parent’s house and then heading into the city to see a play on Broadway.  Sam Shepherds play, Buried Child which stars Ed Harris as well as Amy Madigan.  I have always wanted to see a Sam Shepherd play.  The theater offers partial view seats for $25, so I pounced on them since the pair is less than one standard seat, but besides the cheap seats we are heading into the city on a clear night and having some time alone.  It will be interesting to see how the conversations begin and what topics we will cover.  School, work, politics, and I know her dreaded subject, our sex lives.  That is fine, I will go easy on her about our sex lives.  Maybe I will leave this one off the table and try to avoid it all together unless she brings it up which the truth be told; will not happen.  I woke up fairly early this morning, Bella came into our room since she could not sleep.  I took h…

The Dead & Company and a Grateful Dead story to share with you

2/10/16 20:55
Last year, the remaining members of the Grateful Dead announced they would play their last concerts together, it was called the The Fair Thee Well Tour.  It was to celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary.  There were three shows in Chicago over the Fourth of July Weekend and two in Northern California where the 49ers play their games.  All of the shows were sold out.  The band chose a lottery system, instead of buying your tickets online you needed to write in and request your tickets. I think they were limited to two tickets per winner.  The lucky few who chose to be creative on their envelopes were chosen in another contest, it ensued to who was the most creative as well as lucky.  I didn’t attempt to write in since I was never a real fan of the dead.  Not to suggest I would not go to see them, but spending a pretty hearty sum for a pair of tickets, round trip flights, and hotel room and food and of course the weed smoking luxuries which are part of the experience of the …

Moving our daughter into her first apartment in a city far away

08:51 Woburn, MA
Yesterday, three of us packed the minivan in the morning, stopped for breakfast at McDonalds and took the ferry to Bridgeport. The minivan was packed with Amanda’s clothes, posters, small furniture since Ali and I were moving her into her first apartment.  While sailing over, Ali helped with a sales report since I could not find my reading glasses, but after she sent the report, I found them to my relief.  We stopped at a Cracker Barrel just past the Massachusetts border.  Overall the ride was uneventful.   Traffic flowed, I could barely see through the rear view window, but kept my eye out for a trooper since I was hitting 80 on the highway. I listened to classic rock and Ali dozed off for a good twenty minutes since she was up till 0100 talking to Mo Cheeks.  We pulled off at the Cambridge exit and took narrow roads, lefts and rights and then we pulled up in front to the house where my daughter will call home for a few months.  The landlady was young, and showed us i…