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Bad Brains - Long Island NY 1985 or of the best shows I have seen

Questions for Henry Rollins on writing/reading

3/26/16 14:57 Listening to The Fall, The Real New Fall LP
I apologize since it appears the font below is not easy to read.  These were questions I posed to Henry Rollins via email the other night which I’d like to share with you.
Do you search for book stores in the cities you visit; the same way as record shops?  ======== Not really.  Can you please tell me what writers continue to inspire you? ======= Mostly I read journalists like Robert Fisk and historians like Eric Foner.
Do you re-read their work the same way as you would play, Zeppelin II?  In other words, what "works for you."  ====== Rarely.  How many books do you read in a month? =======0 to 2. At this point, I would rather write and do other work.  Does F Scott, This Side of Paradise still resonate or Miller's Black Spring?  If not, which books have replaced them? ========== I have not read literature for a long time. 8 years or so. Writing has replaced a lot of my reading.  What you are currently reading? ========= Th…

Wire - Pink Flag (Full Album)

Hey Kids, You Don't Need to Play Sports!

3/19/16 15:52 Home listening to MC5 and Wire: Pink Flag
Last night my son, Joseph Gerald Gordon proved he has more courage than most men I know.  To take the stage as a ninth grader, singing solo in front of the high school students, the jocks and the geeks and the artists, graduates and the good community of Port Jefferson Station would have paralyzed most of us.  But the choice of the song was a stark contrast to what most young men would have chosen.  Most men want to exhibit their maleness and strike up some interest from the young women.  That was me in my senior year of high school, playing U2’s now classic song, I will follow.  I did fairly well in my combat boots and was called Bono for the rest of the senior year.  Joe chose something completely different, a song by Lady Gaga.  
My son has more talent in his pinkie toe nail than I ever did.  His range is incredible, he’s comfortable on the stage and let me tell you readers…it brought a tear to my eye.  Actually, each time Joe s…

Peter Case played his distinct tunes in New York City

3/8/16 Home 22:16
Peter Case released his first solo record was released back in 1986.  I still have it.   One of the songs from that album was nominated for a grammy award. I’ve followed his career from a distance.  I appreciated his musical style. Like many of you who are reading this, I was first introduced to Case through the Plimsouls hit, “A Million Miles Away.”  The song pulled you in and like a few of you; I ripped through my unique version with air guitar blasting the power chords.  Earlier, on Sunday I played Oliver in a little one on one rematch.  I beat him after coming back from 8 to 3, and beat my good friend 11 to 9.  I asked if he wanted to join Erik and I and he said he would.  I spelled out that the ticket was $15 with a two drink minimum, but I’ll drive.  After the game, I showered and picked him up and we drove into East Northport to get Erik.  I played KD Lang on the CD and he agreed her rich voice is similar to a former member of our church.   We picked up Erik an…