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In preparation H for a family trip to Boston, or I love my father…I really do!

5/21/16 Woburn, MA
I woke up before 6 without an alarm clock.  It’s an hour later and the shades are still drawn, snores are emanating from one bed and my wife is in the same position when she fell asleep next to me.  I’ve learned on this trip that my father missed his calling since he would have been a perfect project manager.  He is the epitome of anal retentive.  He is the one who is set on the intricate details that could drive someone like me…bonkers.  This was the first trip which our parents joined us.  The occasion, their first grandchild was graduating college.  Before I describe the event I have to share some of the dialogue between my father and myself.  If you don’t know anything about me, I will tell you – I can survive on the spare of moment and take off on a business trip or a weekend without much planning.  For work, I can be called out to make a meeting which will mean an overnight.  It’s not a big deal.  I pack and go.  I have to say I am surprised my parents made th…

Making Cold Calls is not Grinding!

I work in sales.  If you work in sales you prospect.  I love the whole concept of prospecting.  If you are not prospecting you are not a salesperson.  You’re a manager for house accounts and there is no distinction or real need to keep a manager for house accounts employed. You can be easily replaced.  You need to find ways that you can bring value to your company or to your business.  I wake up most mornings ready to connect with prospects.  I enjoy finding that person and then making contact and of course meeting with them and I hope that in time – we are closing a deal.    I don’t understand why other sales representatives don’t enjoy the hunt or the game.   You need to be valuable.  If you work for a company there is the competition and they have their sales team who are out there getting to your prospects as well as your house accounts.  You need to balance the time, prospecting and keeping in contact with the house accounts.  The phrase: time management is too vague, I need to se…