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Dead & Company, Saturday Night at Citi Field

6/26/16 17:16 Penn Station, NYC on the train to Philadelphia
I thought this train would be packed.  There has not been an announcement telling the passengers where this train is headed as we hurl through the tunnel in a direction.  Wait, here he is.  Conductor will be collecting tickets.  Train to Philadelphia and Harrisburg.  We stopped.  So close.  This morning I came home at 1:30 in the morning.  I assumed I would get in closer to 2:00.  I was at the Dead & Company concert.  The first of two shows at Citi Field.  I wrote about my last experience seeing the Grateful Dead at Brendan Byrne Arena.  The man who I had to leave at that arena all of those faded decades before (Frank Dentrone) met me last night.  All of these years later?  To take a guess – 25 years?  There were warnings from the professional Citi Field organizers to show up early.  I followed their instructions to an extent and ended up at my seat up in the nose bleeds - 518 section with a beer and sausage and pepper sa…