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A Trip to DC

7/24/16 21:00 Home
A family trip to DC has been something we get excited for.  Over the years we have made the trip with Joe and Diana.  Once we made the trip with Phil and Jenn and their crew and our crew and Joe and Diana.  It may have been the first and the last that all of us could make a trip like that again.  Soon three kids will be in their twenties and they have their lives.  This weekend, Ali and I had planned a romantic weekend away from the kids, but that changed since we had one tag along.  With a very a good reason.  Bella is weaning off her epilepsy medicine and we did not want to leave her alone with Joe and Diana.  She may have an episode.  Her neurologist said it may be more likely when she is completely off her medicine.  In the last few weeks we have been weaning her off.  For a couple of years it was 7.5 ml every twelve hours and making sure she had a good night’s sleep.  It was is important, especially for an epileptic.  I didn’t expect to write that much about Bel…