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when the flu strikes a mother the house is not the same

Mothers are not supposed to get sick. Mothers are the spine in the family. They snuggle with the kids and keep them warm at night. They listen. Mothers go out food shopping. Keeping stock of what’s in the fridge, and like clock-work swoop into the supermarket and self check out with coupons and are back in time to be at the bus stop. They pick up the oldest at the high school. Comfort the youngest who was up the night before throwing up twice and changed the sheets each time. Dried off the remains as best as possible and sprinkled baby powder on the mattress. It works wonders. Keep it in mind. But this was not the work of a mother. It was me. I dropped off the young ones at their schools and picked up the middle one at the junior high since she was not feeling well. And then took the youngest to the Pediatrician. My wife wrote down the youngest symptoms. Like I wouldn’t remember them all. 103, complains of dizziness, throwing up. Bella woke up a few times in the midd…