Thursday, July 30, 2020

Nuestra Casa!

7/30/20 19:58 Bethlehem, PA

I am writing this from our home.  On July 17

On Monday, I submitted the spousal visa to homeland security through Catholic Charities and was told to be patient.  It’s going to take four months to process, and only then will I receive an update, and yet I wanted to check their site since this case is going to be different. This is my case.  Sure.  Meli and I have accepted that she won’t be here for at least ten months. 

With some reluctance, Meli and I decided to hold off till maybe November before my next trip to Mexico City.  Does anyone really know what the future will be like?  I don’t want to speculate, but I hope to see her before the year is finished. 

There have been thousands of couples who encountered longer separations, through wars, disease, immigration, yet their love continued.  The relationships survived.  Meli and I are very close.  We laugh, get frustrated, share our goals and develop a unique bond like nothing I experienced before.   We are working with what we have, WhatsApp, daily and nightly routines, sharing our distant lives.  We attend church regularly, watch shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime and have our routines which help get through this time.  I don’t want to compare our relationship to others since it is so different.  But the connection we have is also different from anything either of us had previously. 

Cultivate the gratitude.  Look at the miracles and be patent for God’s blessings.

 Thank you for reading this.

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