Monday, June 22, 2020

A New Home

6/22/20 21:19 N New St. Bethlehem

Last week, I made an offer on a house and it was accepted.  It is exciting.  For years I thought I would never own another home.  It’s a long story and if you’re really curious, please let me know.  I will be closing on July 17th, which is almost three years to the day when Ali and I split.  It’s amazing to think it has been three years. Three years later, I am married to the love of my life.  Moved into a new house in a new state and starting over.  As you know, Meli and I are working on the visa and I will provide updates; but for now it’s one of those entries.  The heat is stifling in the room and the only break is the tapping of the keys.  You ask, where is your house?  It is in Bethlehem, it is a single and it has a yard.  It is on a dead end street, so to speak.  It has a driveway and a garage and basement and three bedrooms, so the kids can come up and visit.  There is work to do, like pulling up the carpet, throwing out some furniture, painting, floor finishing and tackling the outside.  Looking forward to the project and thinking about what needs to get done.  One room at a time.  Start in the living room.  Order a new mattress.  I will write down a list or maybe not since a list may be too much for me.  I need structure and I like projects.  I need to buy a lawn mower.  I will buy a lawn mower.  Tomorrow an inspector is heading over at 4 PM and it will take two hours for the inspection.  I think it will be less time.  Like I said, it is hot.   I just finished a beer in seconds and I may have another.

Thank you for reading this.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Spousal Visa Process, Part II

6/6/20 18:00

Updates on the Visa, I ordered a copy of the birth certificate and received it this week.  The two passport photos with a white background, also done.  The hurdle will be the divorce paperwork which means I need to go to a UPS store to notarize my signature and send a check to the country government on Long Island – through the mail.  My wife is working on her items, but it is more challenging since she is in Mexico and needs to process her order in Costa Rica.  So, that it is where we are.  We need to make time to accomplish what is pending.  With the current events and the global crisis, there is a feeling that perhaps this will take even longer.  As long as we take action, any action towards our goals it is better than another day - another week - slipping by.

Looking at homes in the area that I can afford.  I am not that confident that this is the right time to distract myself with another home, instead I need to focus.  The real estate agent sent a new listing for Nazareth which is a competitive market, a two bedroom that looks promising.  There are a couple of houses in the area that look intriguing, but there’s not a rush to jump into an empty house.  This house is empty enough and can’t imagine what it will be like buying furniture, a bed and the rest. 

Spoke with the publisher and they are reviewing my manuscript.

I may travel back to Mexico this August.

This is an opportunity to rise, to express our good angels, to share our faith in each other and speak in unity and compassion.  God bless the peace makers and courageous protesters!

Maybe it’s time to get outside and get in a game of basketball?

Thank you for reading this

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