Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pema Chodron and the art of just thinking in a room


There is nothing like writing from a lonely hotel room on business.  I’m not your average traveler, I work into the night and I mean real work and then perhaps some reading.  I also have a daily goal, to either write or edit one page of my writing.  But there is the joy of reading which can pull me in all directions. For example, I finished Pema Chodon’s book Living Beautifully.  I can see some wincing in my friend’s eyes, beautifully, what kind of man are you?  Hey, this book was a needed reminder of how important meditation can be in my life.  I have seen an improvement in my concentration, for instance I begin this entry in my hotel room and end up writing about an inspiring book.  Just like our thoughts, mine have deliberate stream of conscientiousness.   But back to having the time in a room which can be a blessing our can bring on a wave of isolation or loneliness.  Let these thoughts come and let them pass, like the breath.  What am I trying to convey here?  Each of us has a certain amount of time on this earth and it’s vital for our welfare to use our time to increase our compassion and open up to new patterns of thinking.  For example getting out of the habitual damaging thoughts.  Discover your beauty.  In your time, you will be enabled to break free and experience… an awakening or satori which is a zen Buddhist term…

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The American Pink Floyd Experience-Ameri-Floyd at 89 North Patchogue

07:54 2/15/15

I wanted to get in a review of The American Pink Floyd Experience (Ameri-Floyd) at 89 North a couple of weeks back.  I also wanted to write down some thoughts on the amount of Pink Floyd copy bands that play in the area.  This will be brief and I hope you can relate or share your thoughts.   If you are a Pink Floyd fan, the only feasible way to experience their music live - is through a cover band.  There are no plans for Pink Floyd to tour.  There is no reason for them to tour since there are many options to see these cover bands.  No matter where to live, you can rest your minds there is a Floyd cover band close by.  The band that played at 89 North was their first show, but they were solid and were close to perfect.  Ameri-Floyd are fused from two different Pink Floyd cover bands to form The American Pink Floyd Experience, not the be confused with the Brit or the Aussie Pink Floyd Experience and not to be further compared and contrasted with the The American Pink Floyd, who are based in Nashville which is the home of country music.  What is curious is how Pink Floyd has influenced these bands and the countless musicians who strive to create a show and sound to perfection.  What impressed me was the dedication Ameri-Floyd had at recreating the sound by using authentic equipment which Pink Floyd would use.  The band is led by David Aguirre, guitar and vocals, Matt Ganulin, percussion, Vic Delgado on Sax, Erik Semo on Bass and vocals,  Paul Drollinger, keyboards, Ben Shin, guitar and vocals, Their beautiful and professional back- up singers Samia Mounts and Vicky Modica stood in front of the stage where they belonged.  There was a screen in the back of the stage which ran a series of films from the movie The Wall, to the Wizard of Oz.  Hearing songs from Animals brought back memories of listening to 8-track recording as my cousin drove my brother and me around San Jose.  It was a long time ago and yet this music brought out "hundreds" of fans on a chilly night in January.  It was packed inside 89 North. This is why there are many Pink Floyd cover bands.  It’s the supply and the demand.  Next up for Ameri-Floyd is Revolution Bar in Amityville on Friday May 29th.   If you are a fan, I encourage you to get out and get impressed with the experience.

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