Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Will Tebow be back?

4/30/19 22:13

The Iron Pigs are the local minor league baseball team in Allentown, PA.  They are the AAA affiliate for the Phillies.  Last Monday, the AAA team for NY Mets.  The Syracuse Mets rolled into town.  There was more excitement on that chilly Monday night since the one and only Tim Tebow is playing for the Mets.  At 31 and after a stint in the NFL, Tebow has been struggling at bat this season.  Last I looked he was batting a measly 124 or something.  Maybe it is the cool weather since Tebow played football in Florida?  Word quickly spread around the stadium, Tebow was not starting.  I toyed with the idea to call it a night around the sixth, but I hung in and Tebow came in to pinch hit.  Wait, he’s not hitting.  It was something of a gift for the dozens of Met fans who wanted to see Tebow, yes, including me. I was impressed with the size of the man and the chants from the crowd who wanted a glimpse of Tebow. I snapped some pictures.  So, I'm happy I waited, my attitude was let’s see what the kid has.  I read two of his books and was not really impressed, he has a great, never quit attitude which is one reason why he is still playing baseball instead of football.  He is a strict Christian which for most of us is impressive. Never drank, smoke, drugs, premarital sex, doesn’t cuss, loves his parents and his family and Jesus.  Who doesn’t love Tebow?  I watched grown men peering into the dugout for a glimpse of the man, is that him?  So what did he do?  He struck out.  Looked at one sail into the catcher’s mitt and was called out. He looked back at the ump and maybe Tebow forgot his poor batting average, you don’t show up the ump unless; you’re a star?
Coca Cola Park is about 15 minutes away from where I live.  It’s a clean stadium, seats are close to the action and I was impressed with the advertisements, the banners, the flames which shot out from steel pipes each time an Iron Pig run came in.  I will go back again, Even when Tebow is not there.  It's a great park to bring the family.  The fans are very cool and passionate for their Iron Pigs.  From the looks of it, Tebow may not be back.  Who knows, the season is still early.

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