Saturday, November 30, 2013

I wrote a radio play which will be performed during service on 12/29 at Mount Sinai UCC

12/29/13 10:00

Join us for an old fashioned radio play.  In All These Things, We Find Peace is a one act Christmas message.  The Richardson’s are a family on Long Island who have their struggles through the generations   It begins on Christmas morning 1975 when the kids are opening their presents except for their youngest brother Chuck who would like to give his presents to a little boy he met in the church’s thrift shop.   His older brother Bobby can’t understand his little brother while their sister Beth accepts and respects Chuck’s generosity.  Years later Beth continues to remind Bobby what a special man Chuck is, and how supportive they should be as they prepare for Chuck’s return on Christmas Eve.

Six Months since I saw my wife due to Covid

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