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Seeing Shakespeare with Emma Tess or Falstaff proclaims honor!

4/24/16 Miles Davis…Milesones
Last Thursday, I drove into Brooklyn to see the Part II of Shakespeare’s play Henry IV.  I am not about to write a critique of the play since I did not know a breath of either Part I or II, but I was there with Emma Tess since my beautiful brown haired daughter loves Shakespeare.  The performances were by the Royal Shakespeare Company at BAM.  Sir John Falstaff was played by Antony Sher who was spectacular as the corpulent and cowardly character.  I have seen one Shakespeare play previously when Al Pacino played Shylock in The Merchant of Venice.  Lincoln was influenced by Shakespeare.  One of three books on his desk while in the White House was the works of William Shakespeare.  In the darkened theatre on both nights I let the words ease into my ears and at times had to scrutinize the passage or sentence to make sense.  There were moments when I was lost and scrambling like slipping on slick patch of ice, but soon enough I was stable after being brought b…

New Love

04/03/16 11:54 Home, listening to the strong winds blowing through Long Island
Uncle Rocky passed away on Friday night.  It was not a surprise.  He was diagnosed with emphysema more than twenty years ago.  The last ten years he had an oxygen tank to assist his breathing.  He’s been pushed in a wheel chair for the past few years.  His quality of life may have been impacted and yet his strength and easy smile would warm any room.  For the past few weeks he was in and out of the hospital.  His body was slowly dying.  On Thursday, he was transferred to hospice.  Aunt Barbara, his wife had a dream on Friday; their granddaughter, who had passed years before at 15 told Barbara (in the dream) that Pop was going to join her that day.  Just before 22:00, he passed, surrounded by family and much love.  Rocco was courageous, accepting his impending death and as he said, “Not wanting to be a burden on his family.”  He knew he was not going to get better.  The family and Rocco had the opportunity to…