Friday, December 19, 2008

Submissions into publishing

Last April I challenged myself to write a novel. What sort of novel? A mystery. Something I can crank out while taking the train to work. Why April? It's supposed to be the cruelest month. Think Waste Land. And here's my Big Idea. Each of us has that one big idea - write a novel about a killer on the train. I fell in love with the idea and looked forward to each morning and each afternoon when I could take out my laptop and tap the keys. The book flowed easily which is a very good sign. I heard, and maybe it was Henry Miller who wrote, if a book is not flowing - come to think of it - he as thinking about reading...drop it. But there are writers who struggled, and say it's not worth it. It's your internal voice that is screaming at you to drop the book...forget about the story. This novel is different. I still love her, but recently I've been hit with a rash of rejections. I know times are tough. So what should I do? Thinking about self publishing? Check out Monk Press Acid Tree Park. Search Google and I'll send you a copy. That was an experience, and I don't want to go down that road again. Maybe I have to? Agents are a tough breed to crack. I thought Sobel Weber was going to take this and run. And I was foolish to think - I got picked up by the first agent I queried since the book has such promise. I was wrong, and even took their suggestions, lose the atypical divorced Mick Doran is hypochondriac detective and it's third person instead of first. I still love the book. I received help from others who edited the book and made meaningful suggestions. So it's ready. Like a child watching a snow storm in a classroom the work is anxious to be set free.

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