Monday, February 2, 2009

It's the second day in the second month of the year

This past weekend I submitted stories to three publishers. By Sunday, I received a formal rejection and will put this story into the pending file. There are going to be some stories that I’m not confident about. Either the plot is different from what I’m used to, or there is an element that is lacking. The element that is lacking can range from character development. Thinking of Andre Dubos, what a writer to learn the craft of character development, and this is someone I need to go back to. Someone I’ve told myself I needed to go back to for a little over eight years, so after Audacity of Hope – I will read some Andre. But, what about the plot? In this example I’m considering POS, the Sci Fi story that is not really a Sci Fi story. Written by a writer who doesn’t know that much about science; so let me think about this…if I never swam before, can I really describe the sensation? Maybe that’s not a great comparison, since most of these writers never or will never live in the future. I was a little disappointed to read Asimov stopped writing novels during the fifties. Most of his million books were non-fiction. Did not know this. I would like to wrap up POS and submit the story and see the reaction I get.
Killer Commute is now in the hands of 5 Star. I should get a response in four to six weeks. It’s actually in God’s hands. Each time I read the book, I love it more. After reformatting it, the novel is approximately 280 pages. A lot different from the 340 or so I initially counted up. I’m thinking of ways to promote the book and can set up a table at train stations, and even have readings at certain stations. Why not? Imagine a reading at Penn? There are bands playing there. Imagine a reading during rush hour in the summer? Maybe give out free water? There’s a lot to do.
I’m writing this on the train. It’s warm in here and I’m at the Northport station. Just sat up in my seat and I can feel the sweat. The Salvation Army – Family Store. The one story business buildings. There was a mob killing in one of them – more than twenty years ago. Newsday had an excellent article that implied it was an inside job – dirty cops – that were arrested just a couple of years ago. And my old high school and we’re off towards Greenlawn.

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