Thursday, July 29, 2010

Driving on the highways Business Travel

Why are so many roads under construction in Pennsylvania? There has to be a reason, the Governor has an in with the Department of Transportation, or his brother is the State’s Highway Superintendant, but there has to be a reason, since it seems after each five mile stretch there’s construction. It slows you down. Try making an appointment on-time. Allow yourself ample time. Yesterday I woke up in Lancaster PA, and had a meeting in Marietta and then up in Hershey at the University there. Both were good meetings, I was well received and there are some opportunities. What I liked most was the slow traffic towards Route 76 and snapping some shots of the farms. It was a brutal hot day yesterday. I regret that Ali and the kids weren’t with me. The ride would have been more enjoyable. I need to head out. I have an appointment in an hour in Horsham, who knows what the traffic will be like although I’m only a few miles away.

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