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Newsday publishes my essay


  1. I like writing on the LIRR, both on my laptop or using a notebook. I read on the LIRR and study Spanish too. I used to hate the idea of have to spend almost 3 hours on the train 3-5 days a week. Now, unless I'm really exhausted to begin with or not feeling well, or in a rush, I look forward to the ride. On more than one occasion I have gotten almost nothing done at home due to the distractions of the Internet. But when I took my not-so-portable laptop with me I got a lot done on my main project. I'm glad that I don't have access to the Internet and that the outlets on the RR cars are few and far between because it forces me to just write and make every minute count.

    Congratulations on your book, which I read about in Newsday this morning.

    A Writer From Your Hometown*

    *just north of it

  2. Thank you MMM, best of luck with your writing

  3. I find that the train is a very beneficial form of transportation as well, I don't write much myself nor do I read much either. What i do during my time on the train is talk to you, although not as frequent as i would like, due to my reckless actions/habits during the night hours. You have become someone i can speak to about anything in the world that may be going on in my life or even if it be just a random thought i have running through my head at the time. When ever i have stress or depression weighing down on me you always show me a different more positive way of looking at things and it makes the rest of my day not seem so bad anymore. You are extremely intelligent and I have learned a great deal from you. You are kind and positive and have never turned me away or showed disinterest in my company . You are a very good person Mike and a great friend. You have inspired me to live a better ( more positive ) lifestyle and I wanted to thank you for that. If you are half as good of writer as you are a friend then Stephen King doesn't have $hit on you! So because of the Train you have gotten back your passion to write amazing stories and because of the Train I have gotten to meet someone who to this day helps me get back the passion to live better life.. And because of this , I too have come to really appreciate the Long train ride to work. ...


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