Thursday, March 10, 2011

Something new in the release party?

Writing a new piece for Monk Press, and for now I’m writing without a title. It’s nice to be back typing the keys. On the train and I really need to move to an open seat where I could move my elbows. I’m in the single seat which faces another single directly. Feeling constrained. Commuters line up in the aisle before we pull into the station; I’m afraid some can look over my hands and see the words. Mind your own business.
We’re having a book release party and I hope some can make it. We’re investing a lot into this event, well not a crazy amount, but enough that I’m now thinking – this may not be a great idea. I’ m not sure how many will attend – if anyone other than family. Maybe a few friends?
Note, last night Ali and I discussed and thought we may need to cancel the event, is becoming too expensive. Hope the hall agrees to pay back some of the money…

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