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Masters of Jazz, Ravi Coltrane, Jazz Standard

Jazz Standard this past Wednesday was sold out for two shows. It was a rare treat as some masters of jazz played Coltrane’s first Impulse release Africa/Brass. Here’s my dilemma since I can’t say if Ravi Coltrane was the headliner. The occasion was a celebration of Impulse records. An amazing group that consisted of the gentleman Cecil McBee on bass, the pugnacious Dave Libeman on sax and flute, Billy Hart on drums and the blessed Phil Markowitz on piano. Mr. Liebman made a comment that Joe Lovano was supposed to be there? I vaguely remember seeing the schedule couple of weeks ago, and seeing Joe’s name. In the audience was the owner or Impulse, Ashley Kahn who wrote a jazz book on Impulse and Coltrane’s Love Supreme. Mr. Kahn was speaking to Ravi before the show, while I stood to the side trying to get a word in. I did and we spoke about the house in Dix Hills and what did he say? We’re all volunteers and there is only so much we can do…
I was lucky to get a ticket. I got there early since doors opened up, parked across the street, and made waited on the staircase for about 15 minutes. Not bad considering I drove out from New Hyde Park and made it through the tunnel in no time. I found a seat and asked a foreigner gentleman to please keep an eye on my seat. You understand don’t you? Of course, I will be back. And when I got back to my seat - my close seat - I sat across from a man who introduced himself, my name is Kevin. My name is Mike and we talked jazz and had a beer or two and we shared stories, how old are you? I’m 45…saw Miles in Berkley and at Indigo Blue here in NY City and did I mention I saw Betty Carter? No? Amazing, at the Bottom Line, Freddie Hubbard jumped in on one of the sets. Did I tell you? Jimmy jazz. Kevin is the editor-in-chief of the Daily News, no way. Kevin and I hit it off and I watched him in deep Zen like meditation take in the sound, how appealing a band without an orchestra. How? imagine.
I was a shit and had to piss, and got up in the middle of the show, it was fuckin painful sweat was pouring out of me…awful. So, Kevin picked up the tab, my friend you didn’t have to do that. Really. Don’t worry. Before you go, I have a pitch for you. Cover Ravi coming back to his house in Dix Hills and sharing his memories, I like it, but that’s not something I would edit, no - you’d need the features editor. Imagine if this works out.
I drew two sketches of the show, and had the men sign it. I will look so cool framed.


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