Saturday, August 27, 2011

Henry Rollins interview - On John Coltrane

Mike, hi. Here's the answers to your questions

When was the first time you heard Coltrane, who introduced you to his music?

===== My mother had Coltrane records and Miles records with Coltrane on them.

How did Coltrane influence your music and writing?

===== He didn't really. I am not a musician. I have written a lot of songs but it's just to get the words out. I always admired Coltrane for his truth and his purity. He was really going for something. He is inspiring because you can tell every moment he plays is sincere. I have never heard anything like it.

Since Coltrane wrote about his spiritual journey, can you relate to it?

======= No. I have no spiritual feelings at all.

I know you have your favorite albums that you continue to go back to. How often do you listen to Coltrane and what album do you continue to return to?

======== I listen to Coltrane often. I like the later material the best. '64 to the end. I do like the Atlantic period as well though. What I like most is the tone that he developed later on. Very distinctive.

You recorded with Rashied Ali, how did you arrange this?

========= I contacted him via Charles Gayle.

If you had to make a choice Eric Dolphy or Coltrane? Why?

====== I think Coltrane was more impressive compositionally and melodically. He was also more prolific. I think he influenced Coltrane more than the other way around. Both of them were obviously brilliant.

As a record collector, what is the rarest Coltrane album you own?

======= I don't have many rare Jazz records.

Are there any modern jazz artists you follow?

========== Not really.



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