Monday, August 8, 2011

My wife has cancer

My previous post was a review of Bob Mould’s book. It’s been a few weeks since I posted a real entry. My wife was diagnosed with cancer back in June, and I’ve kept a journal that may be too personal at this time to share. Ali is in a great position as per her oncologist, DR. Michael Pearl. We went into surgery with hope that it was just cancer of the uterus. Just cancer is an oxymoron, but for a woman if she is diagnosed with any cancer this is the one to have, it is highly treatable, once removed, there is no need for further treatment. But after a full hysterectomy, Dr. Peal took my mother-in-law and me into a small room, and shared what he saw.
“I don’t have good news.”
Ali had a tumor in her ovaries; the cancer broke through the wall of the uterus and grew in the ovaries; as well as another small tumor about the size of the tip of a thumb in her left pelvic area. This would categorize her cancer as a stage four. She started chemo a few weeks ago and is due for another session on Thursday. She will lose all of her hair, but she cut off most of it before our trip. Ali is also participating in a clinical trial, and we’re confident she is getting the best care and the cancer is contained and yet I’m worried. We’re receiving so much support and love from family, friends and work, but no one can really touch on the wave of emotions we are coping with.
A vacation is what was needed, a break from reality. These past two weeks have been spent in Orlando at Ali’s aunt and uncle’s house in Orlando. The house feels as if it has been dropped in the thick woods, through the trees I was able to see the lake as I sat at the pool side. I’m writing this at her Uncle Phil’s condo in Hilton Head, across the street from the Atlantic, where we spent yesterday morning. We had four days at Disney, in all of the parks and travelled to Savannah from here, to see the beautiful city. Our minivan is holding up very well on this trip. There’s been some napping and laughs, but most of all we’re together. I have seen how our kids make Ali laugh and how they have grown and developed into individuals. Bella is the youngest, but she’s the toughest. Joe is very close to Ali and has rarely left her side or site.
In a few hours we will drive up to Richmond to spend the night and to see the confederate capitol. We’ll be home tomorrow night and on Wednesday morning I will be back at work. We are doing fine and with faith we know all things are possible through God.

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