Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Del Fuegos at the Bowery apologies for the delayed posting but here it is

2/24/12 21:00
Last night I met Chris Plaut and Mike Sweeney in the city, we had some burgers and beers at Gastsby’s on Spring Street. I guess I had too many of the Belgian blue label Charnay which has an alcohol content at 9%. We headed over to the Bowery to see The Del Fuegos. It’s the first tour in more than twenty years, only eleven dates so if you are a fan this is the only time to see them. It was my first time. One of my favorite albums to this day is The Longest Day, I lived and breathed each song but never got a chance to see them. There was a guilt which I'd share with you. I am friends with the Del Lord's drummer and I never was honest to say I signed with the Fuegos from Boston a little more than The Lords from NY City. There I said it. Still, I was dismayed by the small crowd at the Bowery and yet Dan Zane told us this was the biggest crowd they played to in New York. They played well together, seemed like the whole group were having a great time on the stage. They have a new EPP as they were referring to it, and I bought a copy for $10. After the show I was like a kid, got the drum sticks from the drummer, got my CD signed and a poster. I asked Dan if they planned on coming back, but he said this tour was it. There was my answer, the first and last time I would get to see the Del Fuegos, and then searched a few blocks in drunked steps to locate where my car was. It was on Prince Street. I found Mott and eventually found where I was, bought a coffee and headed home. Looking back on my decision to drive, it was probably not the best decision I made. Not to say I was stupid drunk, but I had a good buzz going. I drank some coffee and headed home and got into bed around 02:30. I changed the alarm and slept till 7 with the intention I would drive into work. I gave Bella her medicine at 8, Joe told me that he would make sure that she would stay awake. This was the day when Ali slept in so I wanted to make sure she slept as long as possible. She called me to thank me for giving Bella her medicine. I was hurting. I have not had a hangover in a long time and with the lack of sleep oh Lord I was really hurting. I only made it till eleven when I called to say I was leaving. It was raining today and it was hard to keep my eyes open as I drove in lost sleep fog. After an hour or so back at home I vomited. What caused it? I don’t know, but I slept on and off today. I answered a few emails but by 5 I was off the clock and fell asleep for a couple of hours. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or the hangover, but there has been no more vomiting. I’m weak and my head hurts. Tomorrow is basketball, but if I feel like I do today, I’m not heading in.

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