Sunday, March 25, 2012

Running the New York Half Marathon in Flushing Meadows Park

3/25/12 22:54 Malvern PA

What was it like to run a half marathon? It was my first. Considering the weather was cool yesterday morning, no rain, and the course was essentially flat. I finished the run just under two hours. It’s hard to believe I finished, but even more, I ran without stopping for a bathroom break or to relieve a strained muscle. Starting at 0900, the plan was for a slow start. The race was open to 5,000. It took a few minutes to pass the start. Passed slower runners, walkers bull shitting with their friends on a stroll through the park, get off the course! Run you bastards. After the second mile – open it up until I felt comfortable. This meant running past other joggers and getting beat by even more joggers. This kid came by with a knap sack, wearing heavy jogging shoes, easily galloped to the finished line. Another man came out of the clear blue and took me, but when I saw this woman who wore the new fangled running shoes that look like feet, when she took me I picked it up a little in an attempt to see her sweat. She kicked my ass. Way to go over achieving fashion queen with your long brown hair. I started the race with Rolland a buddy of mine from work, but felt a little sorry for him since he did not have time before the race for a coffee or to release the kids. He was huffing as we approached mile 8 and I made a motion that I was going to get around some slower runners. He let me pass and that was the last I saw of him till he came to collect his bag at the drop off. He had to stop for a bathroom break. At the end of the race, I received a large medal. Rolland and I went to the beer garden and had a Michelob Ultra Lite. It was warm and tasted liked water at the bottom but beer is beer. I thought I would be more tired than I was. In fact just before the 12 mile I felt I could run a marathon. With the other runners around me and those who finished, cheering us slow ass fucker, there was the motivation to finish. A few times I kept my head down and would look out on the lake or Arthur Ashe stadium, even the sparse crowd was exciting to see as they clapped and cheered all of us on. Running that race motivated me to run a marathon – next year. I can do it. Not yet. When I got home, I was hit with the wave of exhaustion. I had a beer and popped some Ibuprofen, showered and napped for an hour with the window open as a cool breeze blew in the bedroom. I could rest knowing the race was over.

Time: 1 hour 54...9 minute pace...

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