Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nada Surf plays a sell out at Webster Hall

4/8/12 20:32

Nada Surf played to a sell out a Webster Hall last night. Being an old fart myself I could relate to their stories they shared when decades before they came to see bands play at what was formally known to many of us as the Ritz. I heard Daniel Lorca their bassist tell us how he saw Stray Cats practice till he was booted out for honestly admitting he was not with the band. I heard King Creole and the Coconuts mentioned as well. Apologies for missing the opening band, An Horse, but I wanted to make sure my daughter Emma Tess ate some dinner. There was a chance we could not get in, I passed by after getting a wrist band and walked up the stairs. Emma was getting the third degree and I told the bouncer she was with me. How old is she? Eighteen. Emma Tess is fifteen. The bouncer was going to get his boss, but he looked at me and pleaded with me, please don’t let her drink. She’s my daughter and she won’t drink. Instead of going up to the main floor to see the show, we walked out of the venue after the gentleman checking us in said Nada Surf was not coming onto the stage till 8:30. So we made it to a burger place around the corner from Strand Book Shop. Had a bite and went into Strand. Their price tags on some of the books gave their rates compared to Kindle rates. I sensed a fight to keep books on shelves in independent book stores. If we let a corporation feed us their picks of literature which is taking place - we will receive a limited education, one of celebrity biographies, cook books and the like. Before I go there, I have to confess to you. Only recently have I discovered Nada Surf from listening to them on WFUV. So the lights dimmed and the band walked out onto the stage and introduced the first song Clear Eye Clouded Mind off their new album The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy. Many of the songs were off the album, but overall the concert had an array for the hometown crowd who came out. Almost each break the band thanked the crowd. There was a real sense of long distance commitment from the diverse faces of various ages and sexes who peered up at the stage. And I have to say I’m curious to discover more of their music and plan to see them again, come to think of it they are playing in PA in June and I might be able to swing a business trip and catch them again. By that time I hope to have a few of their albums under my belt. The show did start early Matthew Caws their singer said he wished he could let time skip a couple of hours. Maybe projecting midnight although he said the show will be over at 10:15. The new album is a beauty, When I was Young which was played last night seemed to resonate in all of our minds. The next song on the album which reminds me a little of early REM and played on WFUV Jules and Jim. So an early show was fine for me; on the drive back home we listened to the new album and both could relate to their song Teenage Dream since Emma Tess has an ability to ask many questions.

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