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Bella gets her tonsils out

12/27/12 15:18 Stony Brook Hospital

Ali and I are in the recovery room after Bella had her tonsils and adenoids removed.  We have been here since 11:00, leaving the house at 10:30, the receptionist in the surgery center seemed to know who we were when we walked in, “Gordon?”  Yes.  She just threw up.  The doctor came in to explain the hospital may not have a room in pediatrics since it’s full.  There are 40 beds up there, and there are cases of flu so the doctor recommended we stay in the recovery area.  It’s not too bad, since we have a TV, but in time if necessary we will be moved.  The only problem with being here is the potential lack of visitors.  Bella was nervous before we left the house.  For weeks leading up to today, she would not discuss the surgery.  Did not want to deal with it.  This morning Amanda comforted her and the rest of the kids hoped she would not pass gas while in surgery.  She is hungry, since she has not eaten anything since last night.  Sitting here watching her in pain is difficult, I feel helpless sitting here.  I mentioned the TV and the child chose the Disney Channel.  The same awful show is playing over and over.  It’s a distraction from the pain.  A sort of distraction.  Overall it’s quiet down here.  So soon after Christmas most of us wish we were with family. What else can we do on this break from school and work?  Go to the hospital.  Edit my novel which is like pulling teeth, it's a slow tedious task, since it involves formatting.  Besides outside it’s a rainy day and  an early night.  Ali plans to spend the night here.  I hope they have one of the recliners she can sleep in.  I may go for a walk around since I can’t sit in this small room.  

Why did she get her tonsils removed?  She suffers from sleep Apia which can cause epilepsy.  There is a direct relationship between sleep apia and epilepsy and removing the tonsils may reduce the sleep apia, but it will take months for us to learn the facts.


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