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The Gordon's are going to Cape Cod (part 1)

7/25/13 13:00 On the ferry to New London

First day of vacation, four days in Cape Cod, tonight catching a Cape Cod baseball game, but it’s grey outside, chilly, drizzle.  Autumn is captured in the mists.  I took Mo Cheeks, Joe and Bella outside for a walk to see the view of the land, passing ferry, the wood trash bobbing in the waves. A morose kid is sitting up there alone, very similar to the brooding teenager I was.  It was an easy drive from Port Jefferson Station, taking Sound Avenue, passing the pristine vineyards and both Ali and I said it would be nice if we liked wine and could take more drives out here.  Most of them offer very good wine. Pinot Noir is perhaps my favorite if I had a wine to choose.  The ferry is rocking side to side, watching sky and then waves.  I told Amanda soon there will be sick people.  I’m curious what the Cape will be like.  I’ve heard so much about it over the years and now we are on our way to a new vacation spot.  Closing up…I want to take more pictures.  


  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences! I actually have been looking at some Cape Cod rentals because I finally have some free time where I can get down there and spend a few days there. I simply love going to the beach there. What is your favorite thing to do there?

    1. Hi Chase,

      We didn't hit the beaches on this trip,so I will say my favorite was the Cape Cod baseball games, their fans and the genuine feeling of community. Second choice is the drive in and passing through Chatham... thank you for posting.


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