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My Daughter is off on a Date and I was thinking....

1/12/14 19:11

Tonight, was one of those nights I have been neglecting to really put any emotional investment in.  I am not overall a corny sentimentalist.  You may disagree.  Earlier today Emma asked if I can drop her off to meet a friend at the movies.  Who?  Oh, is this a date?  I don’t think so, she replied in a guarded fashion.  I was not going to give her the inquisition. I know who this boy is and even from a distance I know about him.  I know he scored a perfect score on the SAT and from what Ali says he is a nice kid.  This was enough for me.  Good enough for Ali…good enough for me.  Emma has a strange fixation on older men, like Johnny Depp and Jared from 30 Seconds to Mars and what’s the actor I took her to see on Broadway…Hugh this kid is not forty, married or has an addiction that can be upsetting.   Of course I agreed to drive.   There was no other choice.  Ali drove Amanda back to Simmons College today.  Sure I thought of the little Emma Tess asking me with her lisped voice since she was missing her front teeth back then, fourteen years ago; for a sound beating.  It was our way to declare it was time for a wrestling match and back then Emma Tess was my wrestling partner.  Eventually my partner was Joe who like Amanda did not like it and then there was my next wrestler, Bella who liked to tumble.  Emma Tess who was watching kids in the nursery at church earlier today and who folded bundles of laundry which I dropped on the sofa was going out on a date.  For some reason the child will do most things when asked.  She’s wonderful in the matter. Not sure if we are related.  Emma can you please fold these?  I can, but I don’t want to.  There is no protest like I did to my father.  Why me?  I’d ask and avoid the work like a professional.  And she tells me this (I will) and I think I have the upper hand in this case since I’m driving her to meet this young man at the movies.  It was very similar to when I first earned my driver’s license.  My brother Dave or sister Eileen (Shea was too young) would ask for a drive to their friends.  I don’t usually do these tasks for free and I would charge them, besides gas was a buck back then and I had to pay for insurance and repairs and they’d protest to a get me to see their side; they were poor and please…their pleads didn’t work.  No cash meant - no ride.  I am not as cruel to Emma Tess since Ali said we need to be careful and not to take advantage of her.  Don’t ask too much.  But today was different.  I took down the Christmas decorations and the lights from outside, perilously dangling over the gutter and pulling off the little plastic snaps.  The worst was gazing up at the passing clouds and feeling dizzy since I had to get up the ladder up to the second story and lean it against the chimney since the genius that I am secured a plastic Santa who’d light up from way up… there.  It looked great.  But it had to come down.  I was half way up the ladder when I felt the bottom slip out.  I called out…Shit!  Shit!  and hopped off the thing. It was close.  Imagine the call to Ali…Ma?  Dad fell off the roof and he can’t get up…he said he needs help.  I pulled Santa down, the bungee cord popped and flew off the roof and the empty vessel of the red and white great man bounced and slid off the roof as if he was sliding on ice.  Bam!  Hope he lights up next year.  My Emma Tess is at the movies - on a date.  I wanted to make a joke with her.  If he bought the ticket, it means you need to kiss him, but don’t put out too much or he won’t ask you out again.  I know Amanda would laugh.  My Mo Cheeks is back in Boston and the air is warmer up there, and she’s in a new dorm room and there are the new courses and new opportunities.  I am so proud of the woman she is becoming.  I can’t tell you what an amazing influence she has on her younger siblings, something I shirked from or if there was a chance - would ask to be paid…

Thank you for reading this


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