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Clinton Kelly, Comsewogue alum gives an incredible speech to graduating class of 2014

6/30/14 17:21

Yesterday my wife and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  The event came at a time when Emma Tess our second oldest just graduated high school.  The graduation and party held our attention for the past few weeks.  Saturday we had a large rented tent in the back yard.  Family and friends from the neighborhood and schools joined us at the house in the celebration for Emma Tess.  Two years prior it was Amanda’s graduation. Yet Emma’s was different.  Her class was different; they were supportive of one another which were the general theme in many of the speeches.  I have to believe it.  I watched the class jesters and others participate in tossing beach balls, tennis balls until they were confiscated by security who were begging them to give up their toys; the antics were an entertaining break from the sincere speeches, but how many can honestly state; I didn’t prepare anything.  They didn’t need anything or so they thought.  A ball is smacked.  Young men and woman suddenly acted their age – you are teenagers (or I assume you are) be young.  Have fun.  The stoic faces broke out in smiles - which was a relief.  Many of them appeared older, wiser, and I dare make the bold statement – they were confident.  It seemed like nothing was going to stop them.  They took their diplomas, took their pictures, took off their caps and tossed them in the air and we watched the caps twist under the faint blue sky.  Some of us snapped pictures and listened to the applause for their children or grandchildren or their parolees.  Emma Tess graduated high school.  The little girl who’d I wrestle with.  Back then she had a lisp when her front teeth were missing and she’d say, “Give me a sound beating.”  This is the girl, who told us, she never wanted to grow up.  I feel sorry for her and will ask if she feels the same way, do you regret getting older? I know she’s excited about Hofstra. Look at it this way, instead of focusing on the past - passing by - think of the hope which lies in the future.  There are so many possibilities.  The dreams we heard in the speeches - follow them; pursue that dream.  Be driven by passion.  Love what you are doing since you may be doing something for forty years.  Yikes that’s intimidating and if faced with the objective, most of us would cower.  Take it one day at a time.  Clinton Kelly, the star celebrity - a graduate from Comsewogue High School gave the graduating class a speech, what the hell do you refer to the keynote speech as?  The keynote speech.  He was incredible and entertaining and kept popping in nuggets of wisdom – this is what said this which I copied from his Facebook page and it’s perfect; The energy you spend with your head in the past will never get you closer to the future you dream for yourself.

Thank you for reading this


  1. Thanks for sharing this Mike! Felt like I was there!
    Go Emma!!!


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