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In the night thinking about the day that passed

So what's the deal here? It's about that time of the night when I'm thinking back to the day. Wondering how productive I was. Any shovelling outside? No. Any real work? Nope. A stark contrast - man, i love that expression to yesterday. This was a Sunday when I woke up, went outside a little before 7 and was surprised how warm it was. My goal was to go for a run and to think of a YM novel I've been contemplating. This is a Sci Fiction - what's that? Why would I even tackle this monster? Two things, I like the challenge and I think there's a market here. And I can hear Richard Elman say, Write with Love. Write. i love the characters. Is Sci Fi even selling? Let's see how it works out. I went for that run earlier, in the rain and took a shower. After I attempted my usual 30 push ups, but got to only 20 before my left elbow went into shock. It's been a few days since I worked out the muscles and I'm not counting shovelling snow here or at the in-laws. Even still, I feel and I know I spent most of the day up here. Ali gave me an opportunity to write and I took advantage of it. Like my muscles, it's been awhile since I wrote. Here's the first page:


It was a routine she began when T-1 was first apprehended by The State. Anna 6139 stood in the doorway and watched as the first moons light settled in her son’s room. She couldn’t sleep. Her son, Pos 4239 was fast asleep in his bunk. Thin tubes pumped oxygen and warm air into his bed chamber. For a fifteen year-old he was a small for his age. She rubbed her hands together and said a prayer, the same prayer that she learned to recite back at The Campus. After she genuflected, she raised her hands to the sides of her head she closed her eyes and prayed that T-1 was safe and still alive. Still, there was an emptiness that replaced his absence. She was losing hope that he would ever return since he was warned that if he was arrested again – he would be exterminated. The medication hasn’t helped her sleep.
She walked into the living quarters and felt lost. She was not sure what to do since she was ordered by The State to remain in her house and not to allow guests inside unless it was family. The silence in her quarters was stifling and she wanted to either curl up and cry or scream out, but she was beyond those displays. Her mind was close to numb, and she debated with the thoughts that self extermination may be a rational option.
The State has the ultimate control over the lives of the colonists. Life on their planet was violent since they were families of criminals of The State. Not only were the criminals arrested and removed from the bliss of planet Alexandria, but their families were expelled as well. Anna sat down and breathed in deeply and thought back to life at it was. She walked on the beach and watched sea creatures in the distant ocean jump out from the

_____end of pg 1 and this is copyrighted material 2008 Michael Gordon

I read a little with Joe and gave him a choice of how many words he had to write. Typical, he chose one word. Ali mentioned he didn't want to read. Amanda is singing Christmas songs down stairs. I can assume Ali is on the computer in the kitchen and Emma Tess and Bella are somewhere watching TV.

What else - submitted a query to Echelon


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