Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year and a new ritual

So that's me about to jump into the water at Cedar Beach. Newsday was there, since the monks organized a dip at 10 AM, but I was getting anxious to complete the goal. So, Ali and I drove down and got there around 9:30, and I pulled of my sweat pants and took off my shoes and stood on the beach as Ali took a couple of pictures. Why? Each year see those freaks jumping in, and was motivated by insanity and the memory of watching my uncle Pat break through the ice at a each in Fort Salonga, and wait there for him to jump in and climb out. To you uncle PAT! It was insane, and WINDY - freezing, and my feet suffered. It took an hour or so for them to thaw out. Lesson for next year - wear sneakers or anything since the sand and the small rocks and shells are frozen solid. Since it was low tide - there was a long walk to the water. So, how deep did you go? Not that you can see it from the picture, but up to my thighs. Next year, a little deeper!
Goals - to write at least 15 minutes every day. So far, so good. I'm on schedule even writing longer which is a great sign. Last night even in the hotel room in Poughkipsee, I began a new short. We headed up to Hyde Park for the weekend - really for a full day and one overnight. Val-Kill is such a reflective place. I'll try to post some pictures on the blog from today. Time to write.

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