Friday, October 29, 2010

Re Elect Tim Bishop for congress 1st District New York

This year’s election the whole family has been supporting our congressman, Tim Bishop for re-election. The polls indicate it’s a tight race, but for my youngest daughter’s sake, I hope Tim wins. She will be very disappointed and I’m not sure how she’s going to take it. The whole family will be depressed, but we know the reality of politics. In our case, we’ve seen Gore win and lose. The other night Bella was watching TV, when a commercial for the opponent came on. “Lies! They’re all lies,” she said when the commercial mentioned Tim was for raising taxes, had bad hair and smelled horrible. Bella is seven. I think we’re raising a political monster. There is only black and white in her mind, either you’re with us or against us. Our oldest daughter Amanda has been diligently working on the campaign, and let me add here, all of us have put in some time – and for our hard work we had the opportunity to meet Bill Clinton before Wednesday’s rally at Stony Brook University. We were invited as part of a VIP group to have our picture taken with the president and Tim. The VIP group included state senator Brian Foley, the Brookhaven Dems director Jon Schneider and Suffolk Dems Rich and Mr. Jacobs, the State Dem chairman and others, but there was only about 20 in the lobby. In fact, we were the only family. In the Stony Brook gym, more than 2,000 flowed in to see the president and congressman Bishop and it was a great rally, a get out the vote to the students who are vital in this year’s election. I’m writing this on the train, since this morning I handed our literature to hundreds of fellow commuters before they boarded the train. Got out of bed around 4:30 and went for a run and heard a call at 5:30…and another at 5:45! 8 cops from the Suffolk PBA were waiting for me to hand our literature! And we did it together. It may be a tight race, but as Bella’s homemade sign states on the headquarters door, Tim Bishop will win!

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