Friday, December 3, 2010

What Gives? The Clinton Tapes

Hey what gives? There were no entries in November? It’s Friday and I’m on the train about to pull out of Huntington. I’ve been reading The Clinton Tapes, but overall it’s too compact for the historical events, it almost seems as if each paragraph touches on something of importance. What’s disturbing is Clinton’s rationale for asking Taylor Branch for his opinions, Haiti for example, becoming almost a mediator between Clinton and Aristide? From the sound of it, Branch had the idea for Hillary’s first book? The overall access Taylor Branch and his family had to the President is surprising. Let me clarify his meetings were planned in advance for when Clinton had an opportunity to discuss recent events. But I’m left with the feeling President Clinton had time on his hands. Not only to conduct the “secret” interviews and playing cards and reading, watching movies, Clinton did not care for Pulp Fiction. We’re given an insider’s perspective of the lives of the first family. From eating breakfast in their robes, to doing homework with Chelsea, life continues as it normally would. And in contrast we have history, the relations with Russia, Bosnia, England, but I’m just skimming the service. As I’m writing this, I realize, I’m enjoying this book…

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