Monday, May 16, 2011

Back in the grind

Back in the grind, last week was a full one in the office and this week appears the same. So what’s good about it? I get back to a certain routine, which is an oxymoron for a man with four children. But I’m on the train and this means I have time to write and read. I’m struggling with Celine, not so much for the writing which is poetic and forceful, I admire it, but its content is dark.
Tomorrow is Election Day for the district and many on Long Island. My wife is running for school board. If you live in the district, please consider her, she’s by far the best candidate and the most beautiful of the lot. Yesterday we hung a sign I painted. The posts are flimsy and I’m afraid the first good wind it encounters will knock it down. My project later is getting it back up. I can see us in the light rain with a better hammer. Last night I had a small axe, while trying to ram the post in the ground the axe slipped and nearly lodge itself into the cavity of my chest. She pulled up her hands to her face and I pictured my blood rushing out in a red wave showering the sign and the grass as I fell backwards. Joe and Bella were in the minivan…what happened to Dad? My scrape on my chest is the only proof how close it came.
Before we left the house, Bella and Joe told me that one of our cats got a bird. I ran after it with the bird in its mouth and jumped over the fence to our neighbor’s yard. I like my neighbor, Vito and I ended up chatting for about fifteen minutes as the kids chased after the cat. When I got back home, Bella was under the deck, with the half dead bird and brought it out. Joe lined his lizard cage which passed last week with paper towels and we dropped the baby Robin in. I told them it won’t last long, and Bella said in her matter of fact way, “It’s OK, it’s the circle of life.”
This reminds me, when I get home later I need to take down the light fixture in her room, she rolled up paper balls and threw one in the light fixture. When I asked her why, she said, “I was throwing up in the air like a football and it got stuck.”
“Were you trying to get it stuck?”
“Bella, tell the truth.”
“OK, yes.”
“Always tell the truth, you won’t get in trouble.”
Time to go back to Celine…

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