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Pittsburgh women love sports

8/08/12 19:16 Marriott Pittsburgh Last night I was at the Pirates game with EJ Friday one of my contacts when he worked at Sanofi a couple of years ago. We had a burger and beer before the game and headed into the stadium. Most of his conversations revolved around work which is good, we’re supposed discuss business since I will expense the tickets and food. The stadium is beautiful with the yellow Roberto Clemente bridge, crossing over the river that runs along the stadium. I took the new subway to the stadium for free. Next year they will charge for the service. The Bucs were blown out of the water by the Diamondbacks, ten to four. Marte hit a dinger for the Bucs, fireworks went off. We had a good time. I don’t think I will forget faint light from the sunset on the city skyline. Each building appeared crisp. The Pirates are having a very good season which is a shock to the city. The people here are very friendly and need to have a winning team. While I’m writing this, I’m watching tonight’s game and getting distracted. I could walk to the stadium from here and chill out in the stadium. Then again I did it last night. I don’t want the stadium to be the only highlight in this city. It is a sports town. I learned this important fact during my first meeting with three women who love the Steelers, Penguins and the Pirates in that order. Their knowledge of these teams was shocking. I was embarrassed since I know little compared to them. That was a sort of sexist comment. I think instead of going to the game, I will hit the pool. Today was busy from a call before my 9:00 to close to 3:00, I had four appointments. I found the original Forbes Field wall on the campus at UPitt and took some pictures, as well as the home plate which is in one of the buildings. It was one of my goals for this trip. After a late afternoon conference call, I drove to the Andy Warhol museum, which is concrete and sparse; I wish Emma was there, she would have enjoyed it considering there were substantial displays of his photographs, movies and videos. There was a video entitled Kennedy’s on beach in Montauk. John Junior was buried up to his neck in sand, I could see the fillings in his teeth, he appeared like his father. One of the kids, was it Caroline who asked if Andy had his Polaroid. He said it was back at the house. The scene could have been filmed by any family on any beach, so there was a sense of peeking into the private lives of these people. Overall I enjoyed Warhol’s work, especially a display of angels and on the other side of the wall - mothers and their children which was a project he abandoned swiftly.


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March 25, 2017I apologize for the delay since I should have wrote this last weekend.  I’m trying to write a blog entry once a week.  Once a week.  That is all.  Yet, even the single entry can get tangled in other demands.  Writing is a discipline.  Either I have it or I get distracted or lost in other habits.  Anyway, here is my review of the Tibet House concert on March 16th…as always thank you for reading it.I was in Pennsylvania on business and yet I had tickets to see the show at Carnegie Hall.  When I bought the single seat – a few weeks back – I bought the most expensive - in the orchestra. I knew I had to write down the event my book since I would forget.  I had made plans with a client to visit the company and yet, even with the date marked down, I still forgot.  But, I was not going to miss this event.  The lineup was incredible, Iggy Pop, New Order, Alabama Shakes, Patty Smith, Laurie Anderson, and others and of course the esteemed composer Philip Glass.  It was a benefit co…

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07:54 2/15/15
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This year my plan is to read most if not all of Henry Rollin's books.

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