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We Were Promised JetPacks @ Bell House Brooklyn on 9/11/12

Driving into the Brooklyn as night crept up into the sky. Eleven years after the attack. The sky yesterday was clear blue and similar to that morning when we were in a collected shock. Two erect ghostly beams of light shredded into dim stars. This is where we lost loves. This is where souls collected in the city and rose like the lights into heaven. What a difference a night makes for a band. Compared to their performance at Ollie’s Point the night before, We Were Promised Jet Packs kicked it into full gear. This was the last show of a shortened US tour. There was an opening band from Indianapolis and I hope they get someone who can sing instead of a pouting and a somber ho hum murmured clown. A drummer and guitarist and a sound board with licks from the eighties, hey that sounds like The Cure, no sounds like Joy Division, it’s something. No it’s nothing. It was a forgettable opening act. The crowd, roughly three hundred, maybe closer to five hundred by the time We Were Promised Jetpacks walked onto the stage. The Bell House is an open vast venue, tucked in an industrial section of Brooklyn, with two fine bars and a little food section. This place has class; it has chandeliers, cement floors and a dignified crimson curtain. I’d like to get back in there and discover more corners. The band played an extensive set. Adam joked that he didn’t want anyone come up to him after the show and complain why they didn’t play something else. The crowd sang along, screamed out like a chorus of saints. It was amazing to be so close and look back and watch the responses, pumped fists…I’m curious if they are working on their next album. The band has the repudiation for their live shows, but it’s almost a year since they released a new album. I found out last night’s show was being recorded…maybe it’s a live album? I wish Amanda was there. Today she is 18…as I left the venue I pulled a poster promoting the show…a gift for my Mo Cheeks…


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March 25, 2017I apologize for the delay since I should have wrote this last weekend.  I’m trying to write a blog entry once a week.  Once a week.  That is all.  Yet, even the single entry can get tangled in other demands.  Writing is a discipline.  Either I have it or I get distracted or lost in other habits.  Anyway, here is my review of the Tibet House concert on March 16th…as always thank you for reading it.I was in Pennsylvania on business and yet I had tickets to see the show at Carnegie Hall.  When I bought the single seat – a few weeks back – I bought the most expensive - in the orchestra. I knew I had to write down the event my book since I would forget.  I had made plans with a client to visit the company and yet, even with the date marked down, I still forgot.  But, I was not going to miss this event.  The lineup was incredible, Iggy Pop, New Order, Alabama Shakes, Patty Smith, Laurie Anderson, and others and of course the esteemed composer Philip Glass.  It was a benefit co…

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07:54 2/15/15
I wanted to get in a review of The American Pink Floyd Experience (Ameri-Floyd) at 89 North a couple of weeks back.  I also wanted to write down some thoughts on the amount of Pink Floyd copy bands that play in the area.  This will be brief and I hope you can relate or share your thoughts.   If you are a Pink Floyd fan, the only feasible way to experience their music live - is through a cover band.  There are no plans for Pink Floyd to tour.  There is no reason for them to tour since there are many options to see these cover bands.  No matter where to live, you can rest your minds there is a Floyd cover band close by.  The band that played at 89 North was their first show, but they were solid and were close to perfect.  Ameri-Floyd are fused from two different Pink Floyd cover bands to form The American Pink Floyd Experience, not the be confused with the Brit or the Aussie Pink Floyd Experience and not to be further compared and contrasted with the The American Pink Floyd…

A short review of Henry Rollin's book Solipsist

This year my plan is to read most if not all of Henry Rollin's books.

I just finished Henry Rollins book Solipsist, 166 pages. I wanted to get in a few words – to share a brief review. Overall the book is solid. It is entertaining to a degree, but the sentences were boring. Almost all of the sentences began with I or me. Why not, take a look at the title, which means that the self is the only thing that can be known and verified. There were three segments I heard on some of his CD’s so they were not shocking and were different from the ego driven ejaculations on most the pages. Still, it’s a good book which drums up internal conflicts over and over again.