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We Were Promised Jetpacks play Ollie's Point on Long Island

Last night, the Scottish band We Were Promised Jetpacks played in Amityville at Ollie’s Point or if you want to be more ashamed of being a Long Islander search for the place on Google which will lead you to Club Loaded. What kind of name is this? Sort of the title one would strive for when one is begging to convey a violent atmosphere or a Heavy Metal in your face - sexual connotation. It also has another alias, Revolution - another hint at the potential angst that some frustrated promoter has. I have to confess we did not pass through the doors of this darkened establishment till WWPJP’s were into their third song. In fact I heard their music as we drove past the dark place with my car windows rolled down. Shit, we’re late. You can easily pass the place. There are times when I was to kick my GPS down a flight of stairs and jump on top of the beast. Revolution your Club Loaded GPS. Anyway, saw Chris and Kathryn and bought a beer for me and a Coke for Ali. There must have been approximately fifty cool mofo’s who decided to witness an incredible act. The stage is set back into a corner, a flimsy curtain covers a wall and a shabby window and in another corner is where the band would walk down and into the backstage. The sound was not over powering which can be problem is a small venue. The band were dressed very casually, shorts/ T-shirt/ basketball sneakers - Adam Thompson (guitar,vocals) Michael Palmer (lead guitar) Sean Smith (bass) and Darren Lackie (drums and vocals) Last October they released their second album, In the Pit of The Stomach on Fat Cat Records, which was a strong follow up to their freshman release, These Four Walls. This group plays very tight. They have been friends from high school who have travelled the world. Yes, the mood last night was sort of semi professional. I felt like I was at a practice more than a show; although they did not stop and repeat any of the songs. Not sure what triggered the mood. Maybe it was the scarce crowd, the dark somber settings in the room? The band had serious trance like faces as if they were going through the motions of the music. This is the third time I saw them. The first was last fall at Webster Hall in NYC and last May in Philadelphia …Last night the show ended with Thunder and Lightening a sweaty red faced Adam turned his back on the gathering, looking at the drums, with mic in place he screamed the last lines in a fierce rage which shook our bones. In an hour - I’ll head into Brooklyn to see them play their last night in the US before heading back home. If you get an opportunity to see them – you need to do yourself a favor and go. They will blow you away. Either at Club Loaded or Revolution or any place other than Ollie’s in Amityville. After the performance, we had a chance to meet Sean and Michael and I asked them a huge favor to wish Amanda a happy birthday. Not a problem…went outside, called her on our cell and handed the phone to Sean. There you have it. Making another claim so my daughter thinks I’m the best Dad ever…


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