Sunday, June 16, 2013

Driving in the rain to see We Were Promised Jetpacks at The Stone Pony 6/13/13

I heard the weather was not as bad as expected, the flooding would be minimal.  Still, through the rains and at times pounding and torrential... Amanda and I made it safely to Asbury Park, NJ in good time from Port Jefferson.  We paid for parking on the street and walked inside.  The Stony Pony has a large stage, a sound man on the right and the engineer – in the back of the room - moving the controls.   It was packed with fans that watched and danced to the first band, The Static Jacks who were very good, their lead singers dancing reminded me a little of Morrissey.  Amanda saw Sean the bassist hanging out at the bar and she asked someone to take a picture of them.  Both of us are getting to know We Were Promised Jetpacks a little more.  I’d say.  This was the first time she met the whole band since Adam and Mike were close by with beers in hand and I took her picture with them.  The whole band is very nice. They are not what I’d expect from young rock stars, they don’t get drunk or have women hanging all over them which helps me when Amanda says she wants to marry their bassist Sean.   Their set was only about a half hour and they were prompt to get on stage, I told Sean after he removed his ear plugs that The Stone Pony was a popular landmark, Springsteen played there as well as Bon Jovi.  “Did you see we are playing with them?”  He asked.  I did.  I took my place in the back of the venue to watch the crowd’s reaction.  There were some older fans like myself wearing WWPJP t-shirts who like me bobbed their heads and sang along.  I was impressed with the way the crowd surged and danced.   I watched three men high five each other the moment they recognized what song was being played.  Adam’s voice was strong, he walked around the stage, strummed his guitar and sung with closed eyes, thanked the crowd and Ra Ra Riot for having them.  One song they did which has not been released is Peace Sign. After they played they cleared the stage of their equipment.  Mike gave Amanda the set list.  We asked about the show at Maxwells which was sold out, and if there was a way they’d put us on their guest list.  I know, it's bold,   Amanda also asked Sean and each said to send them a message on Twitter and they’d see if they can do it, but since it was so close to New York City...they were promises.  It was late and we saw who we wanted to and left before seeing Ra Ra Riot.  We drove back home, back in the heavy rain, through floods and thick puddles and made it back at a decent hour...12:30…I was up five hours later for work...back into the grind.

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